1st Year Football Blitz Yesterday

September 15, 2022

Wednesday 15th September saw the epic clash among each of the first year classes. The event was organised by Mr. Kileen and Ms Plunkett and executed by a highly engaged and enthusiastic TY class. The day was filled with great craic and football, not to mention a tremendous rivalry between the classes and a few dirty tackles from Mr O’Rourke! Some TY students were selected as managers to lead a first year class through the blitz, hopefully to victory. Others assumed the roles of timekeepers, referees and score loggers. The games lasted 12 minutes each and so, filled the half-day. The first years were especially lucky to have the opportunity to play with an ex-Meath footballer and All Ireland winner in Mr O’ Rourke. He epitomised the overall goal of the event: to jettison any lingering worries that the first years may have about starting in St. Pat’s and to make them more comfortable with the transition.

Throughout the day each class played each other, earning points for their wins. The games generated intense competition amongst opposing classes. This ardour was shared by the partisan and managers on the sideline who did their best to encourage the players. This was shown in its finest form at the concluding penalty shootout between finalists 1C and 1I where everyone gathered to witness the culmination of the blitz.

It goes without saying that a fantastic day was had by all, especially the TY managers who had a great rivalry of their own going on. We would like to thank all involved for their help throughout the day and we especially hope that the first years got an enjoyable taste of football and comradery in St. Pat’s and didn’t feel too hard done by the referees!

By Sam McAteer and James Connell, TY 1.