School Self Evaluation (SSE)


School self –evaluation is about ensuring quality and improvement in the teaching and learning processes (Hofman et al, 2009).

School self-evaluation (SSE) is a collaborative, inclusive, reflective process of internal school review. When engaging in school self-evaluation the school reflects on its aims, considers criteria for success within the school’s context and ethos, and determines methods for judging the quality of educational provision in the school.

It is an evidence-based approach, which involves the gathering of information from a range of sources, and making judgements with a view to bringing about improvements in students learning.

This process provides teachers with a means of systematically looking at how they teach and how pupils learn and thus helps schools and teachers to improve outcomes for learners. (Department of Education (DES) 2019).

As part of this process, schools are required to promote literacy and numeracy (DES, 2012.)