Our School Digital Learning & Teaching Platform

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  • Each student has their own account
  • They must use their school email & password to log into their account
  • SchoolWise enables teachers to do the following digitally:
    • Share resources (notes, slides, video links, weblinks, worksheets etc.)
    • Set homework & provide instructions digitally
    • SchoolWise allows teachers to differentiate work for their students
    • The calendar function allows teachers to set important dates & deadlines e.g. CBAs & project dates
      • Set assignments that students can complete digitally
      • Message a class or an individual student
    • All work completed by the student can be graded by teachers and input in the Gradebook where it can be viewed by students
    • In the event of a school closure teachers can run live classes through SchoolWise
    • Parents should sit down with their son and ensure that he is able to log in and navigate the platform
    • All students receive a link to a Youtube playlist of support videos to help them with SchoolWise