Parent’s Council

What is the Parents’ Council?

A Parents’ Council is defined as a group of parents working in partnership with all stakeholders to enhance the educational development and educational opportunities of their children.

The School’s Parents’ Councils deal with all issues in a structured way.

  • A Parents’ Council is a resource at the disposal of the school community.
  • A Parents’ Council is a resource at the disposal of the individual parent.
  • A Parents’ Council represents the views of parents, e.g. by having an input into school policies.

Who can be a member?

All parents and guardians of children attending St.Patrick’s Classical School can be a  member of the Parent Council.

The Parent’s Council is recognised by the school management as an autonomous body organised and run by parents in keeping with its aims and objectives.

Currently elected officers:

Chairperson: Jason Collins

Treasurer: Clodagh Lawlor

Secretary: Maria Briscoe

The Parents Council typically have up to 30 active committee members and meets about seven to eight times a year.

‘The Parent’s Council fundraise each year and donate all monies directly to the school to invest where they see fit – over the years our contributions have purchased a number of benches for the boys to sit on at lunchtimes, new lockers and Chrome books . Each year the school utilises the money for the boys benefit which is wonderful to see. We also provide support to the school for events held during the year, serving tea and coffee at each parent/teacher evening and also at the end of year graduation mass for the 6th years.’

 Chairperson of the Parent’s Council


School Uniform

The full school uniform as stipulated by the Board of Management, School Authorities and Parents Association must be worn at all times i.e. in school, travelling to and from school, on school outings, at all functions where the student is representing the school and during state examinations. The St. Patrick’s School uniform is as follows:

  • Navy crested jumper
  • Sky blue shirt
  • School tie
  • Trousers (mid grey, not slate grey, for junior students, navy blue for senior students). Uniform trousers must not be altered i.e. legs narrowed to suit fashion trends. Generic brands must be the correct colour and leg width.
  • Shoes must be plain black or plain brown (white soles are not permitted).
  • The official St. Patrick’s Classical School jacket

(This is the only jacket which is permitted in this school.  Trouser belts, if worn, must be plain black or plain brown in colour).

PE: the physical education class has a specific uniform

School Uniform may be purchased from the following:

Geoghegans, Trimgate Street, Navan, Co. Meath. (046-9021722)

Little Folk & More, Wilkinstown, Navan, Co. Meath. (046-9054440)


School Canteen

The modern School Canteen Facility available at St. Pat’s provide wholesome, nutritious food for both students and staff alike.

The canteen is managed by Mr John Moyles, owner of JM Food Services, the company that operates the canteen. John is assisted by his staff from the manufacturing unit. The canteen unit and staff are continually monitored under the watchful eye of the company’s quality manager who is responsible for food safety and food quality.

All meal products served in the canteen are made from what is known in the food trade as ‘first principles’. This means that all hot meal solutions are cooked from scratch by the company’s team of chefs fresh every day.

Where possible all ingredients are sourced locally and the company uses only 100% Irish beef which is also sourced locally. There are no added additives, colourings or preservatives used in any meals and all the salad products are sourced locally too.

School Menu

The weekly menu includes:

  • Chicken Curry with Rice
  • Hot Chicken Fillet Roll
  • Cheese Burger+Wedges
  • Fresh Bread Pizza
  • Fresh Soup
  • Freshly Made Rolls with a Selection of Fillings
  • Toast and Cereals are served every morning.

Also available are:

  • Celtic Pure Bottled Water+Juice
  • Selection of Fresh Fruit
  • Healthy Snacks/Breakfast Bars


Book Rental

St. Patrick’s Classical School provides a book rental scheme to all students. Books supplied under the Book Rental Scheme shall remain the property of St Patrick’s Classical School.

Students will receive their books on the first day of term from their subject teachers.

Books must be kept in good condition. Test papers, copybooks, manuscripts, some English novels, dictionaries, and some workbooks are not included in the scheme.

Ongoing maintenance of each book will be the student’s responsibility.


Evening Study

Evening study has been part of school life in St. Patrick’s Classical School since the school opened in 1930. Evening Study is available Monday–Friday during term.

Monday 4pm – 6pm
Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
Wednesday 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Thursday 4pm – 6pm
Friday 4pm – 6pm

The value of Evening Study especially for students preparing for Junior or Leaving Examinations is well documented with parents in particular eager to have their sons avail of the opportunity to study in a studious and well supervised atmosphere.

Normal school rules apply during Evening Study.