Information Technology

ICT Department

Information technology is offered in the form of a short course in Junior Cycle coding to all Junior Cycle pupils in St Patrick’s Classical School. The course is completed over three years, with a one-hour class each week.

St Patrick’s Classical School is a GSuite school and all pupils who attend have free access to all GSuite products including Google Docs, Slides, GMail, Google Drive and Google sites. Training in all three is provided throughout the three years. The school uses a digital platform called Schoolwise for projects, sharing of notes and completion of CBA’s. Training in this is provided to all pupils. The short course *(100 hours) is project based and the following topics will be completed.

● Website Design using HTML CSS and JS
● Physical Computing using an electronics kit
● Game development in Scratch
● 2D drawing using Python Turtle
● Python Programming
● Digital portfolio creation using Google sites
● Digital Wellbeing
● Google Digital Certificate
● App development using App Inventor

Along with this class pupils have access to 150 mobile school devices for completion of projects and CBA’s. There are also ninety fixed computers that pupils have access to.


Senior students are provided with the opportunity to complete a ECDL training course.  (ECDL stands for the European Computer Driving License.)

What is ECDL?

ECDL is a worldwide recognised computer literacy certification programme.
It provides students with the IT skills and abilities needed to build on existing knowledge, motivate further learning, and improve their employability in a wide range of fields and industries.