CAO Video Talk For Parents of Leaving Certs

January 13, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

At this stage of the year, 6th Years’ career journey should be well underway. This can be a difficult time of the year for 6th Years anyway without the added stress or worry from school closures and restrictions etc. However while learning from home I would hope that students don’t forget about their career plans and the important college closing dates and deadlines that lie ahead. Last year the process for applying to colleges and courses did not change at all due to the impact of the Corona Virus, so I would encourage students to plan ahead as they would have done before Christmas, and try to remember the guidelines, dates and advice they were given in Career class. For parents who may not understand how the CAO college system works, I have put together a video below on how to apply to CAO, that I hope will simplify and explain how the process works, it also looks at important dates and deadlines as well as other options for Leaving Certs this year.

Students are welcome to contact me anytime with any career questions or queries they may have on my SchoolWise account or my email: If students would like to arrange a one to one career appointment it can be done so by phone or online (email me first to arrange an appointment). Remember, try not to stress and worry too much, all will be back to normal before we know it.

Kind regards,
Niamh Fallon (Guidance Counsellor)