School Celebration of the Irish Tricolour 2024

March 15, 2024

 Dear Parent/Guardian,


Today the school celebrated the origins and history of the Irish flag.

This month is the 175th anniversary of the first flying of the flag by Thomas Meagher on the 7th March 1848.

The ceremony reminded us all of the importance of our flag and to celebrate our pride and respect for the flag and its message of peace and inclusion for all on our Island.

Ronan Dolan shared some interesting facts and information with the whole school and this was followed up by a fact testing quiz for all students in tutor time.

 With our new school building coming along nicely we had an adapted flag raising ceremony indoors.

 Eoghan Darcy, a second year student ,played a beautiful rendition of our national anthem on his uilleann pipes and we had a very special guest ‘Setanta’ -an Irish wolfhound .

Setanta is owned by our 6th year student Sean Finnegn .Sean and his family kindly brought him in today to add to our celebration of Irish Culture.

The Irish wolf hound breed is much more than a pet; it is a living symbol of Irish heritage, representing the courage, loyalty, and gentle spirit of Ireland.

Setanta proved to be an excellent St. Pat’s student and he brought big smiles to the students and staff whom he met today.

A big thank you to Mr Coogan and his history class for organising the quiz and school address.


kind regards,

Sinead Bannon