Zak Rocks Fund (Fund Raiser Group – In memory of Zak Moran – Raising funds for Childhood Cancer Charities and Services).

October 26, 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian,


 This Christmas, St. Patrick’s Classical School are delighted to support a Toy Run in Memory of Zak Moran.

 The aim of the Toy Run is to donate as many toys as possible for sick children who will spend time in Temple Street Children’s Hospital over Christmas.


 The school will collect toys here in the school and on December 2nd, at 10am, the convoy will make its way from the Navan Retail Park to Temple Street with the toys.

 As far as donations go, the organisers know times are hard but will appreciate any toy donation we can give. The age range is 0-10 for boys and girls.


 The school will begin accepting toy donations from Monday 6th of November and parents/ students can leave the toys in the designated drop off area outside the locker rooms.


Please find attached a poster with more details and a list of suitable toys.

Toys are not to be wrapped as they need to do a check to make sure the toy is suitable for the sick children.



Kind regards,

Sinead Bannon